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Brides of Destruction


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I love the brides. They are definetly my favorite new band this year (I like them a taaaaaaaaad better than VR even). I can't wait to hear their next album. They're bringin in a new guitarist to play rythm behind Tracii, and a new bassist to replace Nikki Sixx (he's a bit busy right now, so he left). I will for sure be seeing their next show in my area. HONEYMOON'S OVER BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Live his solos sound way better. London fucking owns live. I found a video online of them doing "Brace Yourself" (one of my faves on the album). London just says "We are the Brides fo Destruction, n after this show, we wanna get fucked really hard" and tracii plays the slow intro, London sings the first part, thjen it kicks into the metal part n London n Nikki go nuts. It's incredible. I can't wait to see them live.

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