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Extreme Elvis


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His site is at EE-website

Theres audio and video samples on his site. He sings Elvis covers (of course), but in a really different way. His show is well...weird. It also seems that Graceland is threataning him with legal action.

Here's a pic


And he just gave an interview that can be viewed here.

Here are some of the best parts:

4) Are you vain?

What kind of Elvis would I be if I weren't vain? Stupid fucking question,

and a waste of my time, don't you think? After all, I'm not just


5) Is Elvis Presley alive?

Yes and no. His heart has stopped beating. But like Jesus, death has made

Elvis more powerful, more alive than ever. He's everywhere. He's in you.

He's in me. He's in every adolescent boy's first boner and every little

girl's first erotic dream. He's even in the foam on top of a well-pulled

Guinness. Elvis' fans are more fierce than the followers of Jesus himself.

You can read it in my hate mail. And in my fan mail.

11) Elvis Presley never toured in Europe, what about Extreme Elvis ?

Shit man. If America keeps going down the tubes. I'm not just gonna tour

Europe, I'm gonna live there. Then I can start picking on the French again

without being called a Republican.

So for more great comments, check out the full interview!

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I'll have to check out the sound clips later on at home. I'm at work right now, so it would be a bit hard. I just hope that this guy isn't making a mockery of the King!! :devil:

Well Graceland seems to think that, watch and listen and decide for yourself.

I guess it's like Extreme Elvis says:

Every generation gets the Elvis it deserves.

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