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Where did all the Axl lovers go????


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Oh I'm still here.  It's unfortunate that I've had some other issues aside from GNR that have needed my attention in the past couple of days like my furnace, my transmission and my kid but I haven't gone anywhere.  My attitude concerning all of this hasn't changed a bit.  And I've got no reason or desire to hide, gnrlies.  

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Seems like ever since the Philly incident, sh*t got quiet in here.  Where is axlrosegnr and Sweet and the rest of the Axl worshipers and groupies. I know ya'll didn't lose faith that easily ::)


not really, I just don't have any need to reply to pointless posts full of BS and rumors...

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i'me here as usual but i'm not an axl supporter .. ;) just almost nothing to say... madison, gface,lw,?? are you still here ??

Of course I'm still here.   ;)

And my thoughts about Axl have not changed. I saw him play at MSG, and he absolutely rocked! And obviously all the people who saw the show agreed because they were on their feet singing and clapping the entire concert.  

There's no question - the cancelled tour is a huge setback. I blame the drunken brain-dead fans who went on a rampage tearing up the stadium for the scrapped tour. Anyone who knows anything about GNR knows that Axl is notorious for showing up late - if at all - for gigs. This was nothing new. So it made no sense for fans to go on a rampage. But I've said all this before -- so I won't rehash.

This thread really should have been called "Where did all the Axl only lovers go?"  Coz I love Axl too, but not just Axl on his own.  I love the whole real GNR, but am just p*ssed off that Axl split GNR.

We're not on opposite sides of the fence Nathan.

Most of us so-called "Axl lovers" support the old band too. If we had a choice, d*mn right we'd prefer to see the old members reunite. But since that's not possible (at least not in the near-term), then many of us are behind Axl in whatever direction he goes and with whatever band members he chooses. We just think that his amazing voice, incredible stage presence and brilliant song-writing skills are simply unmatched in the music world today. And we want him back.

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well there are a few different fan types:

1 - axl lovers who hate the old band

2 - axl lovers who like the old band but are more of a fan of axl

3 - axl lovers who like the old band and axl equally

4 - axl lovers who are pissed off at axl but still love him as a musician

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