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Anthrax Reunion


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I'm new here but I've been checking this out for awhile time now; about a year and a half. Anywho, for all you Anthrax fans, what do you think of the Reunion?

I personally think it'll only be temporary, but who knows? Frank says it'll be a 'day by day thing' so anything can happen. I always liked old Anthrax with Joey. But I like John Bush's stuff as well. He did an amazing job on 'The Greater of Two Evils' and I liked 'We've Come For You All'--good effort there.

So we'll just have to see what the gang can muster up.

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From what I heard, Charlie got the idea of reuniting the band for their 20th aniversery. He told this to Scott Ian and he got his mind set on it so they decided to pull this off. Hopefully this'll be temporary because I think John will continue, and Joey is working on solo stuff and Dan Spitz (aka Midget) who knows.

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Anthrax was used because Scott Ian and his relatives thought of it and it sounded intimidating. Just like Slayer--even though it's a name it also can stand for Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot--but I don't think that's why Slayer was named.

But anywho back on Anthrax, I don't think it was used on the Jews, they used some form os Siren gas or test forms of new poisons. Anthrax would have taking to long for infection.

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this is very good news,Belladonna was a better singer than Bush,altough Bush was more suitable for metal......hopefully the lineup will release an album and try to recapture some of the glory days they had in the late eighties

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