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Did Izzy write most of AFD/UYI songs?


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... If you love GNR music, you will love the project.  But when we love both at the same time which is what made GNR as you said Madison,  we all have a problem and that is what pisses me off, but as I said it is the music that does it for me and that's why I can't wait for the project.

But Nathan .. you dismiss the new band and rave about the "Project" -- without having heard albums from either one. I just think you're jumping the gun. Listen to both bands' albums first, and then make a judgment.  

..  I still love Axl and his lyrics,(mainly vocals), but the real GNR's chemistry blows my mind.  Including Axl.


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That may be...and some think Chinese Democracy will be the greatest album ever made.  Jumping the gun indeed.  And what?  what if someone says something bad about the old band?  like they are some fuckin angles or something.  This new GNR is GNR to me :D  I guess that's all that really matters.  Wooo It don't really matter, gonna find out for yourself. woo


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