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where are reviews?


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Here's one............

Back from albany


God, I'm pretty damn tired so forgive me if this sucks ass.

CKY came on around 7:30 or something like that(I didn't have a watch) they played like 7-9 songs. About 25 mins later mix master mike came on, he wasn't that bad. Could of been better but for a DJ hes pretty damn good. Guns came on around 10:20. Axl came out in a NY rangers jersey, then at november rain he came out with a NY yankess, then ended the show with a michael strahan NY giants jersey. The setlist was about the same give or take a few spots switch(november rain/madagascar/bucket head solo/the blues then CD) There were a few rants. 1 was like something about the band being something and that slash sounds the de la hoya but really is the vargas or something like that. Then after night train axl went on something about that truth is something that means something to everyone inside of themself and if its not there its not anywhere, then they went in to paradise city. Ended with a big "GOOD f**k**g NIGHT" If I forgot anything its because it's 3am and My brain stopped working at around 1. So I prolly will post more tomorrow when I remember anything worth reporting that didn't happen at the other shows.


Juggalo JoKeR from the bar

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