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The Most Honest Review You'll Ever Get!


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Just wanted to say... I'm going to see guns n' roses in Toronto. So..when I get back I'm gonna review it here.

Right now my staus as a fan is up in the air..cause for me Guns n' Roses was Axl, Slash Duff Matt/Steve, and Izzy/Gilby...

With all the bootlegs I've been catching..the renditions of the old material seems less than good...

Also..I've always wanted GNR to come back...cause I love Axl's song writing...so in effect... When I return from the show, My fan staus will either be reinforced or terminated... But I guarantee my review will be accurate, fair, and unbiased.

The only people that are writing reviews are Obsessed Nu-fans or "chip on their shoulder" journalists.

I look forward to informing you all of my experience and

will see you in 2 weeks!.


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