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What two bands


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New gnr vs VR== I say vr win

Limp Bizkit vs an oncoming train= Music fans are the real winners in this match up.


How the hell would VR win? Guns have more members and Axl could kill everyone (he's on the juice...)

And the second one is right! I would be in the train, too, watching to happen and laughing my ass off!


yeah but have u seeen slash or duff lately? Slash is huge and duff is some kind of martial artist now, so one of them would take axl. Matt can do some definate damage to the others, dizzy and finck arent much of a threat so that leaves scott and brain and i think scotts a little physco so he could take brain. Stinson would just stand there and yell out false CD release dates the whole time so he wouldnt be doing much anyways except maybe distracting VR.


I don't know if Axl could take on both Slash and Duff but I'm sure he could take one of them, (probally Slash...), Matt would take two Gunners..Stinson and whoever to be taken out, Scott's a psycho, but also a little girl and would sit in the corner doing drugs or crying, (or having his wife defend him with a statement..), Brain could probally take on Dave, or if he can't them him and Chris or Richard could...


Axl would call Merck or Beta and they would kick the shit out of VR. (Probally Beta, because Merck is probally busy deny CD rumors and being Axl's bitch...)

So because the new guns have more members they would probally win in a fight.


yeah but dont forget VRs secret weapon. Matt could have hundreds of groupies come and jump in therefor they would have more people... Think about it ;)


What are some 12 year old girls going to do?


he could always bring in paris hilton and have her annoy Guns to death.


Yeah but like I said... Guns have Beta and Merck. ( One's a women and one's Axl's bitch...) Plus, I'm sure that no one would hesitate to punch Paris... ( it's a guy anyway, right?)

Plus, Merck's hot assistant could seduce VR and Guns could kill them.

And why are we talking about bands fighting each other?


Im axctually just very bored and this is making the night feel slightly less boring...

And plus on top of your plus duff has his model wife which would just cancel out mercks out secretary B)


Axl would show up too late for this fight, so the fight would be over before he arrived.



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I wanna see NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys get into a fight and beat each other to death.  That way, we'd all win.


:laugh: YOUR RIGHT!!

Uhm probably Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. Or maybe even Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Malmsteen? lol


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