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  1. Damn it 🥲 Antipodeans in the shit rn 😬
  2. I feel for you, but we’re in NSW Australia, we’ve been in lockdown since June. OP was discussing possibility of GNR show in November not being cancelled (which is not a possibility 🤣we’re not doing well)
  3. Realistically we’re not getting out of this until December IMO. Especially considering we’ll have daily case numbers of 1000+ next week and only 30% of the state are double vaxxed.
  4. Based on the last thing he posted in the old thread, 31Ilusions is/was 🤣
  5. Has anyone checked in with 31Illusions mom to make sure he’s ok?
  6. Not sure what you’re basing the idea that regular American prisons constitute ‘good conditions’? And prison is cheaper than executing them due to the (obviously necessary) appeals process.
  7. If the answer is no to either of those, the state is still no better than a murderer. State sanctioned murder is medieval horseshit, regardless of the crime committed.
  8. That is complimentary but Talking Heads are cooler to be fair
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