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  1. Based on the last thing he posted in the old thread, 31Ilusions is/was 🤣
  2. Has anyone checked in with 31Illusions mom to make sure he’s ok?
  3. Not sure what you’re basing the idea that regular American prisons constitute ‘good conditions’? And prison is cheaper than executing them due to the (obviously necessary) appeals process.
  4. If the answer is no to either of those, the state is still no better than a murderer. State sanctioned murder is medieval horseshit, regardless of the crime committed.
  5. That is complimentary but Talking Heads are cooler to be fair
  6. Started with 2Shy (S3) ended with Zero Sum (S4) 🤣including all 11 seasons...it’s a weird ride
  7. You can’t blame them for wanting to give it a better ending. Especially considering the last few seasons (not to mention the series finale) were SO bad that they even managed cast a pall on the good seasons. But the show has so totally faded into obscurity that seems like...too much too late or something.
  8. As I proudly related a while ago, I spent a good portion of quarantine re-watching the show, but in alphabetical order because...it seemed like the nerdiest way I could do it. it was heaven.
  9. Oh, The Shield. The most unsung show of our modern ‘peak tv’ era. You’re in for a hell of a ride going forward.
  10. In Search of Darkness. A 265 minute documentary on 80s horror movies. Fucking bliss.
  11. That’s so cool! What the movie does really well, is manage to both acknowledge his brilliance while holding him accountable by letting his victims and his understandably disgruntled former employees get their say in. That the filmmakers pull this off, I think is particularly important in the present era.
  12. I didn’t know it existed until it was covered in the doc. Your friend might be in this! The original crew of artists are interviewed extensively. And yeah, long before it’s revealed he was grooming 14 year old R&S fans online, John K comes of as a titanic asshole.
  13. Fantastic dive into the history of the most artful and deliriously perverse animated series of the 90s. It also does a commendable job of handling the messiness creator Jim K. brings to the table (turns out he has some, er, inappropriately aged ex girlfriends).
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