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  1. The AFD box set (2018) would like a word with you!
  2. To his day job. Since at this point, GN'R seems to be the biggest cartoon going.
  3. Despite the criticism het gets, I think DJ really did try hard for that first year or two of touring. He put a lot of effort into putting on a performance (fine, people may not like the 'Hulk Hogan Hands' things, but you can't deny he tried). He did a fair version of the songs and, as you say, seemed to gel with Axl. He often talked about wanting to create new music, talked about having written demos etc... I think the situation with DJ was, much like Bumblefoot, he became jaded after 2011 or so and became fed up with endless touring/realising that new no music was being produced. At that point, he started going more down the self-promotion route (Ashba Water, clothing line etc...) since that was likely all he was going to be able to get out of Guns. I think there is a lot of similarity between him and Bumblefoot in that regard, only Bumble seemed to keep holding out hope for a while, whereas DJ went down the self-promotion line instead.
  4. I mean, AC/DC have just released a brand new album with their old singer, so this isn't exactly a surprise right now...
  5. NME's Facebook page just posted a link to the video of Black Hole Sun. The comments are...unfavourable.
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