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  1. Despite the criticism het gets, I think DJ really did try hard for that first year or two of touring. He put a lot of effort into putting on a performance (fine, people may not like the 'Hulk Hogan Hands' things, but you can't deny he tried). He did a fair version of the songs and, as you say, seemed to gel with Axl. He often talked about wanting to create new music, talked about having written demos etc... I think the situation with DJ was, much like Bumblefoot, he became jaded after 2011 or so and became fed up with endless touring/realising that new no music was being produced.
  2. I mean, AC/DC have just released a brand new album with their old singer, so this isn't exactly a surprise right now...
  3. NME's Facebook page just posted a link to the video of Black Hole Sun. The comments are...unfavourable.
  4. Chinese Democracy is 12 years old today! Still we wait for that elusive follow up... By comparison, the same amount of time (just about, anyway) has passed between CD's release and now, as there was between Slash leaving and CD coming out...
  5. Great music, great talent, great potential. The persistent failure to use that potential (lack of albums, music etc.) Is where the frustration comes from.
  6. 6 times in total for me. Reading Festival 2010 (the infamous 'sit down protest' show). Leeds Festival 2010 (a follow on from the above show, similar issues but no protesting). Nottingham 2012 Birmingham 2012 London Stadium 2017 x2 I also saw Duff with Loaded in 2009 (met him before the show, got a photo with him and he signed a few things), and Slash with MK in 2013 (again met Slash after the show - he was only doing signings, no photos). I also got see Axl with AC/DC at Manchester in 2016. Not bad in all...
  7. Keep in mind that ticket prices were about a quarter back then of what they are now. (£20 for Wembley Stadium back in the UYI days. London Stadium in 2017 around £80)
  8. So when are we getting the third step in this masterplan? Was looking forward to getting my pre-orders in
  9. I believe it was part of the deal with the venue as part of the residency, but I may be wrong...
  10. This reminds me a lot of a clickbait ad. "Band managers HATE him. See how this poster forces the release of live albums in just three easy steps!"
  11. I recall they switched it around each of the two nights
  12. So since 2016, that's all band members (i'm assuming Melissa has done a soundtrack or something of the sort) have released full albums, either of their own or bands they are guesting with, with one notable exception....
  13. I believe this may be the first time in known history where that phrase has been used.
  14. Agreed. I've always found the whole leak business to be somewhat....strange. The fact that they started rehearsing Hardschool right after it leaked? After so many years of no activity and no new music, a new song is leaked and then rehearsed at almost the same time? Seems quite a coincidence...
  15. It occurs to me now that the gap between RAR and now (14 years) is now longer than the gap between the end of the UYI tour and RAR.
  16. Turns out Melissa and I were born in the same year. Makes me wonder what the hell i've been doing with my life up to now!
  17. Listen to that version again then listen to Brownstone from RIR 3. Tell me it's not the same guy.
  18. It's a whole world apart. New (raspier) vocals. It's night and day.
  19. There's a fuckload of instrumentals, but in terms of 'complete' songs (i e. Full lyrics and vocals) the ones we have are: Hardschool (formerly known as 'Jackie Chan') Perhaps State of Grace Silkworms Atlas Shrugged Going Down Knockin on Heaven's Door (acoustic) Eye on You (though lyrics aren't exactly 'full') Then there is also Oh My God from 1999, plus the This I Love remix (with new vocals)
  20. Also, what a serious lack of tact as far as timing goes. I imagine the conversation at TB HQ went something along the following lines: Person: "Hey Fernando, turns out there's a global pandemic going on at the moment and we've got shows booked which start in two weeks. Do you think we should put something out online to let people know what the situation is and that we might have to reschedule? A lot of people spent a lot of cash on tickets after all." Fernando: "Hey man, sounds great but i've actually just come up with this idea for a new GN'R-themed childrens' book. Now loads
  21. Metallica release new music. Guns do not. I'd be absolutely fine with the merchandising if they also made an effort to produce that which made us like them in the first place...i.e. new music.
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