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  1. The AFD box set (2018) would like a word with you!
  2. To his day job. Since at this point, GN'R seems to be the biggest cartoon going.
  3. Despite the criticism het gets, I think DJ really did try hard for that first year or two of touring. He put a lot of effort into putting on a performance (fine, people may not like the 'Hulk Hogan Hands' things, but you can't deny he tried). He did a fair version of the songs and, as you say, seemed to gel with Axl. He often talked about wanting to create new music, talked about having written demos etc... I think the situation with DJ was, much like Bumblefoot, he became jaded after 2011 or so and became fed up with endless touring/realising that new no music was being produced. At that point, he started going more down the self-promotion route (Ashba Water, clothing line etc...) since that was likely all he was going to be able to get out of Guns. I think there is a lot of similarity between him and Bumblefoot in that regard, only Bumble seemed to keep holding out hope for a while, whereas DJ went down the self-promotion line instead.
  4. I mean, AC/DC have just released a brand new album with their old singer, so this isn't exactly a surprise right now...
  5. NME's Facebook page just posted a link to the video of Black Hole Sun. The comments are...unfavourable.
  6. Chinese Democracy is 12 years old today! Still we wait for that elusive follow up... By comparison, the same amount of time (just about, anyway) has passed between CD's release and now, as there was between Slash leaving and CD coming out...
  7. Great music, great talent, great potential. The persistent failure to use that potential (lack of albums, music etc.) Is where the frustration comes from.
  8. 6 times in total for me. Reading Festival 2010 (the infamous 'sit down protest' show). Leeds Festival 2010 (a follow on from the above show, similar issues but no protesting). Nottingham 2012 Birmingham 2012 London Stadium 2017 x2 I also saw Duff with Loaded in 2009 (met him before the show, got a photo with him and he signed a few things), and Slash with MK in 2013 (again met Slash after the show - he was only doing signings, no photos). I also got see Axl with AC/DC at Manchester in 2016. Not bad in all...
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