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  1. I think there's a moon smiley only because it was night...
  2. And above all, this effect wasn't on later performances on the tour.
  3. I was going on mygnr to see if there were some news (i know, i have too much hope) and i read that a new video has just been posted. A live version of locomotive, way tooo coool ! and after that, i saw the video. 1) It's probably the worst perf of Axl on this song. I really enjoyed some other recent performances and i think he can do it well but not really this time. The Exit 111 version was better (no effects on axl voice !) 2) All of you said it : Richard's guitar is way too loud !! 3) During the corus we can clearly hear the original Axl part from the album in the background. I just c
  4. I am certainly dreaming but... Maybe they re-released the GH album to give more public attention to the band before a new album! But... It's gnr...
  5. That was really great! 100 times better than the first one. Footages were really more dynamic and we've got a proshot of Slither!! A cool moment.
  6. Totally agree, that's a nice slow version of KOHD. I prefer it to the actual 12min log version...
  7. We don't have to complain to much about it. It was pretty decent and if they post 3 songs every week, that's cool! But the video and audio mix are strange... To much static image on the giant screen, and where's Axl ??? We dont have any close up and he is really low in the mix. Nice effort Fernando!
  8. This was posted on Gnr YouTube channel few minutes ago. And... I don't understand the goal? This is just a playlist/Setlist with audios from the album. What's the interest seriously!
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