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  1. He's great but very inconsistent on his materials. An album from Slipknot or Stone Sour will usually get you 3 or 4 good songs max. Very hit or miss. But when the good songs come, they are insanely good. Check out Nero Forte. Best song from him in recent times.
  2. I shall not dwell on the negative things. I'm very happy to finally have a quality version of Gun's Slither. Great content and kudos to them for releasing footage for us fans.
  3. That was a good video! Axl sounded great and Im glad we've got 3 tracks of of them. We can nit-pick all day, but they did it. They gave us something in this pandemic.
  4. Just wanna drop by and say what an amazing album this is! Duff's bass line from Eat Me really stood out!
  5. Incredible to learn that it took him only 2 to 3 hrs to complete the recording. Maybe they should trick him into doing 10 more episodes so we can get an album out of him.
  6. We already have 2 "new" songs. Shadow of Your Love and Rock the Rock. IT'S TIME TO ROCK & ROLL.
  7. How likely do you guys think they are actually recording on their current break? Since non of them are on tour right now (to my knowledge) and could very well be working on the album.
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