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  1. Ozzy did great with Post Malone. It made Ozzy pushed out his last album and is working on an upcoming one because he enjoys working with the producer. Maybe Axl will feel inspired again.
  2. LOL it would be fun to see them play it tonight, but they've already released the studio version and that's all I really care for. But still weird that they did not play or mention it.
  3. Very exciting to see how well Hard Skool will be recieved by the media and non hardcore fans! A rock radio hit for sure! IMO this is the perfect comeback song for GnR. Really exciting times as a GnR fan.
  4. They may disagree with each other in the past but a lot can change 25 years later. All of them are in a different stage of their careers compared to back then. Slash and Duff have released so many records between the time of leaving and rejoining GNR. Just because Slash was not keen on the direction Axl wanted GNR to go back then, doesn't mean he's not up to try them now.
  5. Same here. I'm guessing probably scheduled for the morning is US. Duff's twitter already has this but just a min long. It's just a looping medusa from what it appears to be, not really a legit music video.
  6. Why are they using UYI font for the cover? I hope this is not just a single to promote the upcoming anniversary boxset. WE WANT A NEW ALBUM!
  7. This sounds really bad ass! Really don't understand the hate.
  8. Very exciting! A new release is a new release. Really can't say they ain't doing anything.
  9. Am i the only one who likes Silkworms? Yes it's weird, but that's the whole point. Axl was enjoying the heck out of it, and even called it a new song. I think even if you dont like the song, you can be very optimistic about new materials.
  10. The forum will be like "All we get after all these cash-grabbing tours is a 20 year old demo?!?!?!?!"
  11. Grace's single is pretty good IMO. Sounds kind of like Wolf Alice.
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