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What do you think of Neil Young

Rock n roll child

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What do you think of neil young i have heard a varaity (sp)

of opinions from people i know and live with. Personaly i think neil Young is pretty good. i like the song sugar mountain and heart of gold.


Crosby, Stills and Nash certainly benefitted from his absence.

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this is the very same man who refused to have an interview on johnny rottens tv show Rotten TV for the following reasons "i only do interviews with people i know of" despite writing a song with the lyrics:

"the king is gone but hes not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten"

that pretty much sums up Old Man Young for me...besides which his skewed bob dylan/frank zappa incest music doesn't do it for me...

funnily enough, Axl refused the interview too...citing "studio time" as his reason. along with aknowledging that johnny rotten is one of his "main vocal influences".

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i haven't heard much from him, but i hear people say that he was the inventor of Grunge, that he was a big influence for Kurt Cobain, Kurt even "stole" some of Neils Lyrics for his last words before he shot himself.



As far as that genre goes, his influence is most apparent in Pearl Jam's music.

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