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Tenacious D


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Yesh :D I just love the humour. Inward singing is great even if it aint a sawng lol


And then I start some lyrics and you can't believe I'm singing

And I'm never fucking stopping

And I'm always fucking singing

And now you know that I will never stop the fucking singing

I'm like a fucking one-man band

I'm like a fucking one-man baaaaaaaaaaannd!


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I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL "The Pick of Destiny" !!!!!! B)  B)

"Tube Technology" rock4

PS where are all these gif sigs coming from??


You can find some gif animations here in the use your illusions section. In a thread there people postet lots of GNR animations

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I just know the song "Fuck her gently" and i think it's hilarious.


Agreed, but that's it. It's a mystery to me how anyone can be a "fan" of this band.... :blink:


ask lee rock4

p.s i dont mean the gifs. i mean the sigs that move :shocked:

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