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Foo Fighters & Weezer


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Guest Twisted Metal

Foo Fighters Gets my votes because like xestrangedx said. they have alot of good singles. Weezer is good too, i really love the B;ue album as well. If i were you, I'd go to the Foo Fighters one.

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Are Weezer anything like Eels? Because I love them, and just assume they're in the same genre as them.


nah nothing like the eels, eels are loads more diverse and a lot more miserable if its possible, i fucking love the eels, saw them on the manchester gig last time they were over here, really good set up, no drummer just a guy playing suitcases and bins.

they managed to make bus stop boxer even more haunting.

weezer are pop rock, not emo as soem steakhead tits might have you believe.

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