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its happening guys!


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Despite Roger Waters turning down £136million to reunite Pink Floyd for one last tour, he has not totally ruled out the possibility of playing with the band.

Pink Floyd got together earlier this year to perform at the Live 8 event on Hyde Park, the first time they had performed together since 1981.

Speaking to Word magazine Waters revealed that he would like to do something with the band for a special occasion.

He said: "I hope we do it again. If some other opportunity arose, I could even imagine us doing 'Dark Side of the Moon' again - if there was a special occasion.

"It would be good to hear it again

Too right it would…

Roger Waters has just completed his first opera ‘Ca Ira’, based on the French Revolution will be performed in Rome later this year.


Oh yeah, looks like they are touring after all! Great news! That was sarcasm by the way

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Guest gnr>everything
its true ive red it ... well they wont be nearl peru never :(


NO! Just because you read something that sounded like it, doesn't mean it's true...Waters wants to do a reunion show...thats t he only news here! They did not announce a reunion tour

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If they will, I'll absolutely shit myself. Not to mention empty my bank account for tickets.

You better be right scotty...

Still, nothing on http://brain-damage.co.uk/ so until it's there I consider it a rumor.

They seem to be insiders.

They WILL "re-unite" in november for an introduction in the hall of fame.

Source: http://brain-damage.co.uk/news/0509081.html

But as far as I understand they'll just be there. They won't perform.


i was right about the live 8 gig remember and everyone slated me, etc etc....still no apologies from anyone....lol

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Well, if it is true, we'll all be down at the bank applying for loans to get tickets...

BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!143.gif


oh fuck oath it would be worth it, if i had my wedding on that same day i would miss the wedding for the Floyd gig :ph34r:

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