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Someting i recorded while i was bored!

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Well i was really really bored when i recorded this. It's some singing, guitar and "drumms". Haha....well the drums are made by a cd-cover and after like 2 minutes of work in garageband it sounded something like.....well i don't know....atlest there is something that keeps the rythem up.

The song is originaly done by a band called Sister Hazel - All for you. Exepct guns that is actually one of the bands that i like the most. It's not really rock, but its kinda soft and nice.

Well well....as i said....did this recording while being really bored and havt done to much to make it sound better.

Well....here goes nothing :-D http://s46.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1TVC5ZV...GG0V7KQ7P7D25A0

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