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Las Vegas 2001 House of Blues


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yeah, but I can remember when they first surfaced and we all or

at least I thought they were fn awesome and well worth the wait.


I used to think like that, but I changed my mind. I don't think it was worth the wait anymore. :no:

I think that is what separates "just a fan" from the die hard G&R fan. back then even a small taste

of a little guns was gratifying.

I'm glad the guns haven't been your average run of the mill type of band that has to churn out the same

recycled sound every 2 years to greedy corporate executives & whiny little fans who don't know the

difference between a real heavy rock band and a puppet show.

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I was sooooooooooooo fukin excited when this show hapened, i remember scouring the net looking for picks and downlaoding jungle and cd (the song), i really thought axl was gonna come back and release an album. I mean fuck i was only 18/19 when this concert happened lol, i cant believe the album isnt out yet.

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