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I.R.S chords

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this is in 1/2 step down tuning

here are the chords:

G A A# C x2 Eb F (over the 'Gonna call the president' part)

G A A# C x2 (over the first verse) then G A x2 then A# C x2 then Eb F x2

then the next verse goes like...G D C A# x4 and the usual Eb F x2

then the rest of the song is basically the 'Gonna call..." part.

i'll FULLY tab the song over the weekend

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Someone told me that GNR released a New song called There Was A Time.

Apparently it sounds too much like my song I created.

I found it odd to begin with.

He said that in 2 minutes 40 seconds it has an Interlude/ Solo.

It mainly consist of

D, F#, C#.

Can that be confirmed?

I havent heard this song so it brings out a curious side of me as to that.

I think it might be a coincidence or it might not even be those notes.

Well I guess thats all I wanted to say.

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