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Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen  

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Although not all of his work appeals to me, I consider him one of the most talented and complex solo performers ever - he really isn't someone you'd call a singer/songwriter, but more an artist or poet (or at least in my opinion). Anyway, I think he's created some absolutely amazing songs, mostly from the "I'm Your Man" and "The Future" albums - really witty, dark and deep.

So, anyone else like his music (or certain eras of it)?

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I voted good, because his work is good, and he's talented, but I only like one or two songs, and the rest seem to wash over me. But overall good. :)

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One of my favorite artists ever. A lot of amazing songs : "Who By Fire", "Dance Me To The End Of Love", "Hallelujah", "The Partisan", "So Long, Marianne", "Suzanne"... All his albums are great actually !

Once he got onstage riding a horse. Classic !

He also wrote several books (novels and poems). Beautiful Losers is a good read !

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

He is in a different room than most, I don't know who you could compare him to. He was considerably old when he started making records, which is something that definitely set him apart from the others.

I think he is worth listening to but not on the same level as Dylan, Young etc. And he is much more challenging to get into, I guess you could say he has a less appealing persona.

He's written alot of great songs, but I only have his debut and it is fairly repetitive.

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