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Favourite Song-writers


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Dylan is probaly the best lyricist altho nick cave needs to get a lot of credit for the darkness of the subjects he writes about but morrissey is my alltime favourite, i really feel as if he wrote alot of the lyrics for me/based on my life as cliched as that sounds, and the pure wit and originality is just great

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W.AXL ROSE- obviously for many reasons. One of them is for taking the opportunity to play in many different styles and to grow musically.

THOM YORKE- best lyricist IMO. Best band that manage to evolve and grow musically, demonstrating a closer attention to detail in the way of technicality.

CHEENO MORENO- contrary to the cookie cutter bands out there whose every album sounds identical. ...MORENO who's voice have different existing layer manage to use a lot of imagery. Moreno Help them ( nu-metal clones) learn how to establish and meet artistic standards as musicians. ...

JAMES KEENAN MAYNARD- Sound Inside manages to define a deepness and skills that were never heard before

TRENT REZNOR- same as Maynard, two of a kind.

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