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Nine Lives


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It's crap. :o

I couldn't find any good song except for Ain't That A Bitch & Fallin' In Love (Is So Hard On The Knees).

Taste of India and the title track are pobaly the worst aero songs I have ever heard.

Discuss the album.

-Edit- oops I thought I was in My World...

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Naahhh man thats one of the better post Pump releases. Even if that isn't much of an achievement. It's still a hell of a lot better than Just Push Play or Honkin' on Bobo. The latter was surely an experiment in attempting to create a blues album with no fucking soul, well done Aerosmith, you achieved it, I hope you're happy.

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Bobo was a hell of alot better than this. So was Just Push Play, whcih was a little more "radio".

But this was just terrible. My ears even told me to "shut this crap of". THe meow at the beginning scared me too.

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Like many of the albums I like, about half of it is good and the other half is bad.

A long time ago, in my first years of Aerosmith (...and rock ....and music :) ) it used to be one of my favorite albums.

Nine Lives, The Farm and Crash are dreadful. They are 3 of Aerosmith's worst songs.

Attitude Adjustment and Taste Of India sometimes work for me but not often.

Pink is nice. Quite good when you're in a happy mood. Same for Full Circle (there was a time when I was crazy about this song)

Falling In Love has a great chorus, but the verses aren't great

Something's Gotta Give is one of the best 90's Aerosmith harder songs

Kiss Your Past Goodbye is almost great. The beggining is fabulos but the hard part in the middle totally ruins it. The outro solo isn't very good either.

Fallen Angels has its good parts. By that I mean the slower ones. The chorus is fucked up. The intro and outro sounds are also not a good idea. But for the verses and the lyrics I'd forgive this song anything.

As for Ain't That A Bitch and Hole In My Soul - masterpieces!

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