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Any of these titles been mentioned before?


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I just found a file call 'Believe in me' on some d/l program, 'from chinese democracy'. It wasn't actually a song, but it listed some titles on media player, and wouldnt play because it was in m3u format.

they were:

1.believe in me

2.i love you

3.man in the meadow

4.fucked up beyond belief

5.could it be you

6.just not there

7.punk rock song

8.the majority

9. 10 years

10.swamp song


12.fuck you

13.lonely tribute

there are a couple of weird titles, but some seem fitting for Axl, plus there are...13 tracks.

or is it an album from someone else that i just don't know. just wondered if anyone had seen it.

punk rock song would be weird though, unless its a pisstake.

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