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I saw them a few times in the early 80's...82,83

Last time I saw them was in Toronto in '85 on a co-headlining tour with the Exploited.

UK Subs live was always amazing...intense live show,Charlie was a GREAT front man at those shows!

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I won`t say that UK SUBS aren`t good since i only have one album so i haven`t heard that much of them.Killing Time is the name of that cd and...Well i think it pretty much sucks.

Got to listen a little bit more.

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Subsy's board name got me wondering if there are any fans of the band here.

...and to Subsy (just curious why you chose that name)

Everyone i know who likes punk rock, (and by that i dont mean the pussy pop punk or the emo shit thats popular now), says that UK Subs are an amazing band. A lot of punk bands cover some of their songs here.

BTW, the Exploited are a fucking amazing band!!!

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