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bullet for my ASSHOLE

Chris Axl

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Norwegian TNT with Ronny Le Tekrø on Gitar! :P

HAHA! Had been realy cool. Norwegians best rockband in late 80'iss-early 90'iss

Heyyyy, TNT is one of my favorit bands beside of GNR.... no TNT bashing please :angry:

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Bashing? It was no bashing!! :( I really like TNT too! :) It is one of mye favorite bands also, and i think it is norwegian greatest rock band of all times!

Your damn right... go get the two last albums.... my religion and all the way to the sun rock1 great stuff :)

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I choose to take that as a compliment

that'd be the best choice..

because I thought it clever, and funny.. B)


Yeah, im a clever little AWA

B) Yes you are!!!!!!!

You also have quite a way with words!! Stopped me in my tracks!! :D

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Guest AxlRox

HA :D the topic title is great

:lol: ha...

thats the only reason I came in here, was to laugh at that... :huh::lol:

Same here, so simple yet so funny :rofl-lol:

And ya their fucking shite :fuckyou:

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