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Well briefly, here's my 2 cents worth:

Went to Glasgow and Birmingham - both shows were amazing. In fact, sublime.

Have to say the Glasgow crowd were a bit more rowdy and I think the band reacted better to this (shit Axl had to ask the crowd to step back at one point - kind of like on 'Live Era'). One downside was my friend being thrown out the show in Birmingham - not fault of the band I must add, just the security being complete dickheads. Anyway, it didn't spoil my fun:

First and foremost, Axl is at the TOP of his game. I really defy anyone who tells me he has sung better at any point in time than what I heard this past week. It's alright hearing the downloads off the net etc, but when you hear this guy's pipes live it is truelly an unforgetable experience. He was bang on the money at both concerts, and his enthusiasm is really showing on this tour. Watching him on stage now, you REALLY get the feeling that he wants to be there and is genuinely happy performing again. Something that wasn't necessarily the case in 2002. And the image spot on (I actually thought he's lost a fair bit of weight seeing him in the flesh - he looks like a true rocker again).

I can't praise Axl enough after seeing him again - he confirmed to me that NO rock star around can hold a candle to him when he's on fire. Seriously, no-one. Raw talent at its best (I also loved some of his remarks in Glasgow - "Now seeing that I am Scottish......." 'On someone booing one of the instrumental jams - "Well fucking go home then,, I'm sure you can catch a bus!" Quality

As for the guitarists, I was really impressed. I'm not going to beat about the bush on this one, most will no doubt know I'm a huge Slash fan, and going into these gigs I would have given my little finger (seriously) for Slash to be playing with Axl. However, the new guys blew me away. What a band...... Its hard to choose who I was most impressed with.... Robin was outstanding as a whole over both the gigs, and really owned the stage. The guy gets such a hard time around here but when you actually see him in front of you playing something'just clicks' and you get it. Hard to explain but he really is a brilliant guitarist. Very different, but great.

Richard was the biggest surprise for me - excuse the language but this guy can play like fuck....... He has real clarity to his playing and I would definitely have him on lead more often. I'm sure he could do the November Rain outro a lot of justice. Great presence, great playing, and a superb addition to the band.

BUT (there's always a 'but').... I'd say I was least impressed with Bumblefoot. Great guitarist and all, and I'm sure many of you will disagree, but I don't see the point in him being there to be honest....... plain and simple. I watched him quite a lot in Birmingham and his role for the most part involves standing and playing chords, much like Bucket used to. Not the best for a man of his undoubted abilities. I'm not sure if it was the mix, but his playing sounded very sctratchy and imprecise. I suppose he adds a bit of 'cabaret' with his hand up the neck move (?) and he really rocked on Nightrain, but I'd seriously have Robin and Richard kicking ass by trading solos. They would be such a team, and nothing against Bumblefoot, but I just don't see the point in a virtuoso guitarist when the other 2 guitarists are so talented in their own right. Now I'm not saying that he won't have a place in the future when the band plays its OWN material, but having such a talented musician on stage playing so infrequently just seems like over-kill to me..... but I guess Axl has him on board for a reason.......

Highlights - Jungle (obviously), Its So Easy, Nightrain, Paradise City.

Lowlights - 'You're Beautiful' solo - killed a lot of the momentum in Glasgow, took a while to build it again...


Axl - 11 out of 10 - immense

Robin - 10 - I can see EXACTLY why Axl hired him

Richard - 9 - great addition, great stage presence

Bumblefoot - 7 - great in parts, but wasn't 100% sure if he was needed.. (IMHO)

The Setlists - (as a long time fan) - 8 - Anyone for Appetite?

The Setlists - as just a regular concert goer - 10

The shows overall - 10 - Outstanding Live performances.. rock1 rock2 rock3 :xmasssanta:

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