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A lengthy reveiw

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Right, last night/this morning was the first concert i have ever been to in my entire life, and because of the occasion, i think it deserves a lengthy reveiw.

I got there quite early with my bro and parents and wanted a drik, went to a cafe had a snack. Then becuase my mom wanted to see them, we got more tickets, this time standing, which me and my bro could use. So we began queing, whioch was fun, we was sitting next to a group of stoners and stuff, and we had some interesting conversations about guns, and what was the best album (mainly UYI2) and best song (mainly Estranged). Then the que began to move. Eventually we got in and ran to the front to get the best veiw of Sebastian Bach when he came on.

After a little wait, he came on. Now i'd never heard anything by this guy before, and i must say, it was a brilliant surprise. The energy he put into his performance, and the presence of the band was amazing. He had such a good personality always talking to the crowd and getting them worked up. It was a great moment. I also liked it when he bobbled the bald guys head :P I really advise anyone to go and see this guy, he amazied the fuck oout of me.

He finished then i went back to get a drink, and finally back to the back of the room. I have glandular fever and was hurtiing so i wouldnt mind missing bullet. The genral concencous was that they were shit, Stuff was thrown, there was some booing. I thought they were O.K. but not really what GnR should be touring with. All these things i hate was probably the best performance and that was just O.K.

Then they finished, and the wait began. It was a long one too. I was expecting Merk or someone to come out and say it was cancelled, but then i saw a small glimpse of "the man" and then Bumblefoot. I knew i had to wait. Eventually the lights faded and yes the notes hit. Everyone went wild. It went wilder when a certain man screamed "you know where the fuck you arw?!?!" that was it, from then on it was the most amazing performance ever. It went through all the songs. The ones that stuck out for me were: The Blues, Better, KOHD, Nighttrain and IRS. During RQ Axl fucked up the woprds and looked like he went off to sulk, but i think he was stopped, possiblt by Beta, not sure on that one. November Rain also stood out, all the sparks flying down, it was truley inspiring. When Izzy came out, it was a moment that would stay with me forever, so great. They began to sing some "British" songs, it was pretty funny. The encore was IRS and Paradise City, again, everything i expected and more.

Now onto the band. My mom had never heard Bumblefoot before, and the first thing she said to me was, he can pay guitar really well. I must admit, i was expectting alot, and he gave more than i could have exxpected. Because i play rthym, i was watching fortus alot, and i could tell, just by looking at him, that he was having so much and he was proud to be in this band. That was cool. Finck impressed my dad, and to be honest, me as well, i really think he is a great addition to the band. All i can say about Pittman, is that i think he was drunk lol. Dizzy played "locomotive" the end bit. Amazing. I loved that. He impressed everyone. Tommy was told by the entire audience to "cheer up motherfucker" he looked like he was having fun. He played his bass really well too, so all was good. Axl, i was so happy that he had his voice back. It really was something that i could have never imagined seeing, Axl snging liek it was the 90's. It will stay with me forever.

So thats it, all in all, the greatest night anyone could have given me, and i wanna thank, firstlky Sebastian Bach for being the greatest warm up act of all time, and then Guns N' Roses, because they are amazing. Thanks to everyone!

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Great review, thank for posting! Nice to hear you had an awesome time on your first concert ever and that it was Gnr. The only bad thing about this is that all bands you see after this show will not be as good... ;)

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