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  1. I think I must have had a similar revelation yesterday when I was listening to UYI 1. I guess in my mind it's all tracks like Don't Cry, November Rain etc. (I.e. big earnest tracks) but then you forget just how much fun a track like Bad Obsession is, or as you say, the random sounds or phrases littered across the album in various ways. It's probably something that doesn't get talked about enough, but that may be to avoid comparisons with the lighter hearted bands of the time.
  2. This. At my age (31) I used to discover new (old?) music based on recommendations from friends or father figures (Supertramp, Beatles, Neil Young etc.). But with modern music it's all about Spotify. The amount of great artists I've accidently stumbled on from random Spotify playlists is crazy. Khruangbin, Mac DeMarco, Tyler, Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, Snarky Puppy... All discovered because on a random playlist one of their songs piqued my interest enough to go and deep dive their stuff and now I consider some of them amongst my very favourite artists. Of course, for some bands (maybe GNR fall in here) super fans will just be keeping up with the news. I tend to be like this with groups like Tame Impala or Radiohead or even Arcade Fire, but it's so easy to keep up to date through Spotify or whatever.
  3. I think Radiohead did something similar with In Rainbows Disc 2 etc. It's definitely a good way to keep up engagement etc. As well as to let fans in on some element of the creative process; to try and see why some songs maybe didn't work in the context of that particular album. I've always thought it was madness that Staircase was never included on the King of Limbs but I guess it's slightly too smooth perhaps compared to the glitchy atmospheric IDM on the main album. Agreed on SP. I actually enjoyed their previous album, haven't got round to listening to their new one yet although the reviews and comments like the above don't give me much confidence but I'm sure I'll find something to like.
  4. Yeah it's this. Radio 1 (which is famously targeted to younger audiences) has said that the use of language is not acceptable and may offend younger listeners. R2 and R6 will be able to decide which version they air, although I believe that the stations higher ups have passed on that responsibility to individual DJ's (could be wrong on that point though). It's odd to me that the reason given seemingly implies that the younger crowd lack the ability to understand nuance and would elect to simply be offended by hearing song lyrics but hey ho!
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