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  1. It's kinda sad to see this topic after all those years. Let's face it, the apocalypse will come sooner than the next GnR album.
  2. It's not even certain a vaccine will happen at all. People usually only stay immune to other Corona viruses for about 3 months... although symptoms "might be" milder a second time (more like a common cold). Good luck to you all... and myself included. I live in Europe. Shit is falling apart here fast. All you can do is pray now, that you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't need to go to a hospital and can tough it out (80 to 90 percent of the population, it's not a death sentence for all of us... but scary nonetheless, because it hits all age groups and you have no guarantees whatso
  3. I think they will cancel... the situation in Europe right now is scary with people getting the virus without knowing how they got it. And governments are not prepared for this at all. They lack testing capability, protection for health care professionals, etc. What worries me even more is that everything was always built around cost efficiency (in the Netherlands where I live). They can't cope with lots of extra patients at all and our minister of health already talked about "patient selection" in case of a wide spread epidemic. So yeah, we're basically screwed. Wuhan 2.0.
  4. Libertad had a strong Scott Weiland influence. Contraband was more Slash / Duff (and Matt / Dave) sound with lyrics written later. Funny thing is Contraband and Chinese are nothing alike
  5. With another vocalist, it might. I was a big fan of Scott and I know he is no longer with us. But VR was looking for another vocalist for some time, so who knows.
  6. I'm not even sure if I would buy another album. Probably will give it a few listens on Spotify and forget about it. I still kind of regret buying Chinese Democracy. I hardly listen to it. Music has to be really good before I buy it... And maybe if I want to support a band I like which is not made of millionaires already. I have bought Medusa Stone records for instance. Love their music and they seemed like nice people. Same goes for Whiskey Myers. I care less for GnR every day. It's a shame really. I liked the mystery around Axl and how he would prove the world wrong a
  7. If GnR doesn't release anything new, I want him to quit. I'd rather have new Slash solo material, than no material at all.
  8. Slash interview on guitar.com just shattered the little hope I had, I guess. What a bunch of idiots. Without new music, GnR is just a nostalgia act and nothing more. Better break up again, so I can at least enjoy some new Duff and Slash solo music. Better than nothing. Or reunite VR with a new vocalist. This reunion has been a disaster for new music on all sides.
  9. Then why are most other rock bands still releasing music? Even friggin' Ozzy Osbourne is still releasing music and people love it.
  10. Simple: they have done the same NITL tour around the world, twice. If they tour the world again with no new music, then it just isn't a priority to them at all. At the very least, they should debute a couple of new songs. Release a single or whatever. Without anything new in all these years, it just has become a nostalgia act and money grab thing. So yes... the next concert and march will finally determine how I look at this band. They will either get my hopes up, or will finally make me realize not to expect anything new and just see GnR for what they are / seem to be.
  11. Well, with Duff and Slash on board they won't call it Legend of the Red Panda or some bullshit I just hope - if they ever release an album again - that it won't be some pretentious concept album, but a mostly straight up rock record. Don't mind a ballad or two, maybe even three... but the rest should just rock and it should revisit the AFD sound. But yeah, nothing will probably happen. If we don't know anything by march, it's basically over.
  12. They could just call it Guns N Roses. Many bands do a self titled album after a comeback / reunion. And it could just be the Guns N Roses tour... oh wait, maybe that's why we don't know its name
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