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  1. Nope.. Ever heard of the album Chinese Democracy? It was released in 2008, it has a handful of songs that sound like GnR.
  2. Several songs were written (vocals) post 99, Better, Sorry, Shacklers, Scraped etc… The General, he mentioned recording vocals for Soul Monster… So who knows, he could be writing daily or not at all…
  3. ‘06 is low key peak Axl… He obviously took the heat he got from the ‘02 VMA’s to heart. His vocal control and range unmatched that run, if you what pure rasp sure 2010 or the AC/DC tour… But 06 he was firing on all cylinders and had his least cringe fashion sense as a bonus haha… Too bad Merk couldn’t get the album out during that tour.
  4. Axl sounded great and versatile in 2006, sounded great in 2010 and with AC/DC… As he stated in the China Exchange interview he purposely decided to sing differently on many songs during the Chinese Democracy recording era and that bleed into the 2001/02 shows but I believe the press backlash led to him changing his style in 2006… He definitely struggled to maintain at points during the illusions tour but overall for that style of singing really maintained his voice relatively well… Not saying he hasn’t had really bad showings in the last decade and maybe the AC/DC tour was the last time he was ever really going to risk his voice and push it that far.
  5. “It’d take a lot more time, than you have got for masturbation”… What’s really interesting is that Rose recorded vocals about this thread in ‘99.
  6. Some people need to let go of their youth, they’re not gonna relive AFD nor could they write anything like that again, it was lightning in a bottle….. The thing about Hard School is it’s a fine song but I do rate it lower than most of the CD era songs we’ve had the chance to hear but those sessions produced some pretty dang good songs so not really a slight in my eyes… I don’t even know if Axl has another ‘Better’ in his back pocket… I don’t think he was really all that interested in writing pop songs during the CD sessions and it’d be a fools errand to try and write something comparable to AFD in sound or spirit.
  7. Starting early to add an extra song to the set!
  8. Tonight’s the night…Hard Skool is #AllElite
  9. Yeah, but with ‘99 vocals. How Axl is going to pull that off, I don’t know…
  10. What year is it? Will this picture ever go away? Haha…. It’s fake
  11. Been to every Chicago show since 2002 but missing this one due to work. I hope for all the forum members going we finally get some Hard Skool!
  12. Haha what? Living over here in Lincoln Square, beautiful city.
  13. I believe Clear Channel had given Axl a million + upfront payment for the tour in 2000 and were impatiently waiting for him to start the tour and I’m sure promises were made about an album to promote the tour (by management) and when none of that happened Axl was on thin ice with Clear Channel… Certainly the past history with no shows/riots they weren’t gonna give him a lot of wiggle room… and someone called someone’s bluff and everything got cancelled… All this to say I saw them in 2002 in Moline and it was a freaking awesome show, so whatever it was whether it was industry support or confidence, I wish the album would of came out then.
  14. Never thought Fernando would make a baby face turn on mygnr, but this litho fella is making it easy…
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