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  1. YOU may find it strange, but if I'm listening to GnR I tend to find myself listening to C.D. (or locker leaks)... People have different tastes, music speaks to everyone in an individual way. AFD, has always been my least favorite GNR album, more of an Illusions and C.D. listener. The C.D. era in particular is interesting because of the compositions by Finck and to some extent Bucket... Great stuff, unique stuff. In a world where Axl would have been able (or capable) to get more records released I'm sure Robin would have eventually been appreciated by larger (or new) segment of the fan base.
  2. Other than Slash, Robin was the best fit for GnR...
  3. So do we have any idea who is playing on this? Is it Robin? Bucket? Robin and Bucket? This is probably my favorite out of all the leaks...
  4. You can't shit on Axl so far tonight, he is giving it whatever he's got
  5. Good they deserve it! I hope more is coming! I’m a huge supporter of the band and Axl particularly, attended multiple shows on every tour since 02, but I’m not going this year, I just can’t. I’m not demanding they release new music, just be upfront with the fans about future plans and intentions.
  6. The Instrumentals- 1. Me and My Elvis 2. Mustache 3. Zodiac 4. Quick Song 5. Oklahoma 6. Bastard 7. D Tune 8. Curley Shuffle 9.Tonto 10. Real Doll 11. As it Began 12. Prom Violence Unreleased Songs with Lyrics- 1. Atlas Shrugged 2. State of Grace 3. Perhaps 4. Hard School 5. Eye on You 6. Silkworms 7. Nothing
  7. Axl and Co. would have too much respect to even suggest AC/DC open a show for them, I’m sure they’d be honored to play before AC/DC though. Don't forget the reverence Axl displayed for the band and their songs, much more than his own!
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