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damian 1200

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you talking bout the derry based band? They getting quite a lot of recognition now, they been about for a while.

They pretty good yeah still nowhere near as big as they should be........... the band they are very close with here are swanee river you should check them out, quite a similar band, in my opinion way better, got them playing a charity gig for me a few months back also. Swanee usually support the answer when they are back home.

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Best thing since Zeppelin? :confused: no.

They're still great though, I only got into them pretty recently, they're touring now and not back here til September.

Still haven't bought their cd, love them though.

And yea they're from Northern Ireland.

The Answer are four lads hailing from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland.

Raised on a heady diet of Led Zeppelin, Free, The Who and The Black Crowes, The Answers contemporary take of bluesy, riff heavy hard rock is starting to turn heads. The band spent last year touring with Alterbridge, The Darkness, Deep Purple, Sound Explosion and The Tokyo Dragons and making their debut album. At a recent London gig none other than Jimmy Page stood and watched their set from side of stage and theyve already played at a Phil Lynott memorial benefit gig in Dublin as Lynotts mother is a big fan. So big in fact that she allowed Waters to be the first since Lynotts death to open his bass case and play the revered black iconic bass axe! Its the same black bass that appears in the video to Keep Believin.

So the album is now due for release in Europe on June 26th, it will be called 'RISE'. It was recorded at Monnow Valley in Wales, Albert Studios in London and at the legendary Olympic Studios in Barnes. The band will be touring non stop for the rest of this year. They are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Here is a selection of what people are saying.......

"The Answer are superstars already, it would be cruel not to make their dreams come true" - Kerrang!

"There is nothing wrong with doing what comes naturally, and nothing seems more natural to The Answer than rock 'n' roll" - Rocksound

"The Answer have the languid swagger of Free and the Stones, this band are going to be huge" - Kerrang!

"The best british rock debut of the decade! Believe it!" - Classic Rock

Swanee River are great too. :wub:

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Oh for God's sake, enough.

Yeah swanee are awesome and i know them quite well, so must go chat to the boys in the answer when they play belfast 1st of september and say hi to them too :) .

Yea I should be going to that gig too. They've played here loads but never got to a gig....

They get some coverage in Kerrang.

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