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Son Of A Gun

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Technical wise?


Emotion wise?


Have a laugh! emotion: Slash>Fortus=Finck>Thal>Izzy>Tobias>Dizzy>Pit(t)man>Rabbits>Lampost>......Bucket


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I 've been reading numerous posts up to now and I have really soaked up a lot of responses from Axlites and thought somebody should publically point them all out. What are you Axlites trying to do? You all think you are some hardcore bunch of people but really all you are are people who are so stuck up Axl's ass that you don't care about anything stupid he does...

No. The people who come here are fans of the band -- Gee, what a concept huh? Fans of the band who actually come to a fan forum to talk about the music and band they love.

... You try to intimidate other people from pointing out his mistakes or from expressing disappointment over some bad things he does and continually bash them for choosing to point out things. People here all have the right to point out bad things about Axl if they like..

There's a difference between constructive criticism -- and "cupcakes" who come onto the board to bash the band everybody is here to talk about. Constructive criticism involves pointing out positive and negative points about the band or the music. Trolling is starting pointless threads - like this one - aimed at trashing the band for the sole purpose of instigating fights with forum members. If you don't like the band, don't come to a fan forum about that band.

.. . If he 's unloyal to his fans, if people don't like him using the name Gn'R for his own band, if people don't like his lack of decent live material and want to say it out, let them. Who do you think you are to intimidate people of expressing their honest opinions. ..

Again, we don't allow cupcakes, and we ask members not to feed the cupcakes.


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