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Advanced Higher Music Dissertation


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In my music course, I need to write a dissertation of our choice. I've decided to compare one song to another.

The first song is Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy Osbourne because its complex compared to other songs. However, I've got no idea what to compare it with. I need a good song (it can be classical) that isn't too basic so I can get a good number of concepts from it.

Any ideas?

Also, if anyones got any valuable information relating to DOAM, posting it would be greatly appreciated.

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well... being on a GN'R forum, the obvious answer would be something like estranged or NR

however, i made a really great presentation on pink floyd's animals in a comp. class last fall, so i would say anything from animals, DSOTM or anything like that could be cool.

if you're looking for more metal stuff, have you thought about some of the concept-oriented prog stuff like dream theater or something? not really my cup of tea, but the composition and concepts are great. or even coheed and cambria - i love them and there's that ridiculous story line throughout their music, not to mention the great composition.

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Well, I've talked to my guitar teacher. Hes suggested that I do a piece by another classically-trained guitarist. Yngwie Malmsteen would be a good one. Anyone know his best (technically) song?

And, yeah, preferably metal.

'arpeggios from hell' is one of his better known and it's pretty technical - most of his music is. i really like 'far beyond the sun' off of rising force it's a pretty standard neo-classical tune and displays some of his ridiculous chops (as well as his keyboardist's)

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just do vai's "for the love of god".


I'm just listening to some Malmsteen. Anyone know his most technically complex songs?

Thanks bass71player, I think I'm leaning towards Far Beyond The Sun.

no problem bro... you should do yourself a favor and get the whole album. other tracks from it that might be good would be "now your ships are burned" or "icarus' dream suite opus 4". the latter is like eight and a half minutes long, so it should provide you with tons of material, though it's pretty mellow for much of the song.

good luck with the paper ;)

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