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Sebastian pulls an Axl


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SEBASTIAN BACH Storms Off Stage In Sydney - Sep. 15, 2006

A BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor from Australia has submitted the following report:

"Sebastian Bach stormed off the stage at his concert on Thursday night (Sep. 14) in Sydney, Australia. Frustrated with some audience members launching projectiles towards the stage, Bach made good on his threat of an early finish when a half-full plastic cup of beer was hurtled in the general direction of the band during the intro riff to 'Youth Gone Wild'. Bach threw his microphone down and stormed off, leaving a bemused crowd asking 'Youth Gone Where?'"

A member of Bach's official forum, who calls himself "davem", posted the following review of last night's performance:

"Tonight's show at Selina's in Sydney was fantastic but sadly ended rather abruptly with Seb storming off after having one too many bottle and can thrown at him. I would have liked to get my hands on whatever clowns came out tonight with apparently nothing else to do but ruin a great gig but that's the thing about pussies, They like to hide in the safety of a crowd. I was lucky enough to see SKID ROW a number of times but tonight I was with people who had not seen them and it is a shame that they were robbed of some classic stuff due to the actions of a few morons. We are seriously starved of quality gigs in this town and it pisses me off that a show this good finished the way it did. I hope that this does not stop Sebastian from returning as we need more rock n roll here."

Another forum member, named "dagz1207", added:

"He got to the last song. He warned people continuously throughout the show to stop chucking crap on stage. He walked off once at the beginning of 'Youth Gone Wild', after someone threw a can or something at at him. Came back on, and kicked the guy out. Warned us all one last time to stop it or he was gone. Started 'Youth' again and then some asshole chucked something, then he was gone! I was up top watching one guy getting hassled that he stopped the show. He ran out of the building pretty darn quick!!! Great show, though! Best frontman ever!! Bas rocks!!!!"


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i was gonna go to that show...glad i didnt. god i hate when rocker turn egotistical and think they are god to just storm off stage in the middle of songs

That is a retarded statement. So you are saying you would stay on stage if you were being pelted with bottles, cans and cups? Bullshit you would. You would have done the same thing and walked off. He gave a warning. No one listened. We was well within his rights to leave.

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Sebastian jumped off stage and jumped on someone and hit the person in 1990 so it's axl who pulled a sebastian in ST Louis 91 ;)

Axl isn't the only one who has jumped off stage so don't be so fucking stupid.

And when Sebastian did it in 1990 he did it because someone throwed a cork ore something else at his head so he started to bleed.

And Axl is a pussy because he got pissed off and hitt someone that just had a camera!

...Oouu that camera can hurt me :ph34r:

Fuck off!

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Actually a camera CAN hurt someone. When you're looking out at the audience, all you see is black, for the most part. If there's a sudden burst of light--like a camera flash--it can catch you off guard, blind you for a second and make you fall. Besides...having flashes of light go off in your eyes constantly, when you're trying to concentrate and do a show, is really distracting and annoying.

As for the rest...Baz was totally within his rights to walk offstage. When you're doing a show, you shouldn't have to worry about getting hit with a bottle, a can, a cup, anything. He was there to sing, not to be a moving target. Just because some assholes think it's funny to throw things, doesn't mean it is. Besides, even if it was just water...everyone onstage is either wearing or carrying something with an electric current. Maybe that's why they wouldn't want to be hit with water, you think???? They'd like their equipment to keep working and they'd like to avoid getting a shock?

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