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  1. Nothing lasts forever. Dear God I hope that's true... This is the best comment on the internet, ever.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Watched it seven times already.
  3. Yeah. I'd like to say you're wrong... but... history and all that...
  4. I don't hate people more successful than me. I hate Trump because he's a racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful piece of shit. I hated him when he was on Howard Stern, I hated him when was on The Apprentice, I hated him when he was a self-labeled Democrat, and I hate him as President. Not because he is more successful than me, but because he stands for everything I don't. He has devastated America and pushed us to the brink of civil war. I hope he's gone in November. If he isn't, it will send a loud message to the world that we don't give a shit about anyone but white straight males. I've never
  5. Guns n' Roses look so shit without Metallica. Metallica just compounds it and shows how a proper band treats their fans.
  6. So bummed, I received notice yesterday that it is canceled and not rescheduled. I've waited since '97 to FNM in Phoenix again. Boo.
  7. We have played? Jesus fucking Christ? We? What universe does this guy live in? On no level is he a we, and to claim he his, is beyond delusional. Still, at least the dysfunction with this brand is consistent.
  8. If it cost me $150 in lost ticket money to see LN and TM go out of business, I'd call it money well spent. Fuck TM and their 30% "convenience" charges and their insider scalping to falsely inflate pricing.
  9. I'm an author. If someone is doing something detrimental and claiming to be me, and I have full knowledge about it and I do nothing to protect my fans or myself, I am endorsing it and I may as well be doing it myself. Inaction with knowledge is still action. That is why I said the band is doing it. Someone is acting on their behalf. They know it and do nothing. That's condoning mistreatment of their fans.
  10. All kidding aside, fuck this band. They have completely lost the plot. I have been on this site over 20 years. I've seen us beg for scraps, clamoring for bootlegs after the 2001 HOB show, drool over demos we're chastised for listening to. I've watched the 2002 freak show. We're banned from posting videos and get cease and desists from the band, they are managed by a team of fucking morons who treat fans with what can only be described as detest. The only reason I bother with this site is because I like the people here. But the band? Fuck em. Slash and Duff should grow some fucking integrity. A
  11. Ooh, I just discovered a new book in the franchise. "Don't Dam Me - The need to keep the river flowing for sustained water access" Fucking epic reading! It has beavers in it.
  12. From the band that brought you the hooker and blow influenced Appetite For Destruction and the St. Louis riots, comes the next exciting chapter in the Guns N' Roses legacy. Now, the most dangerous band in the world brings you "Storytime with Axl". Book one features a rosy and chipper retelling of Guns N' Roses seminal hit Sweet Child O' Mine." But the excitement doesn't stop there. Other books in the series include: "Welcome to the (South America) Jungle - A tale of eco habitats" "Back Off Rich - How To Cope With a Bully" "Pretty Tied Up - How Lily Learned Her Lac
  13. And if you take out that one of Gn'R's releases is a covers album, UYI has two covers, an EP with 2 live covers and a remix, and SFTD is another cover, the output looks even worse. That ends up being 62.
  14. Oasis did over 71 b-sides and additional tracks. Not including any demos Noel wrote in the era and used on his NGHFB albums. That's five 14 track albums. To put that into perspective, GnR has officially released 79 tracks in total. 12 (AFD) 8 (Lies) 30 (UYI) 12 (TSI) 14 (CD) 1 (shadow) 1 (OMG), 1 (SFTD).
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