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  1. If only the band could move as fast to release new music as they do to take videos down.
  2. Right Next Door To Hell. Extended bass intro, then add drums, extend a bit longer, add guitar slide, add another guitar, Duff shouts "yeah".... Double length of next part of all band together, then Axl runs on stage and starts singing.
  3. A Gn'R notepad so he can takes notes during their four hour Zoom meetings. Or maybe a Sebastian Bach notepad...
  4. Even though Taylor Swift has been able to release two albums this year, Axl can still blame COVID. Swift has used the only available recording studio open in the entire world, so it's literally impossible for Axl to record a new album, because there are no studios left. Stupid COVID ruining Ax;'s plans. Chinese Democracy 2 starts... sometime after the vaccine.
  5. I love how light-hearted this thread has become. We're past the point of expecting a new album and can just make fun of the whole ridiculous situation. Further proof we're here for the people and not necessarily the band.
  6. I agree. I think fans only clambered for it simply because it was one of the few non-albums tracks out there in the Illusions era. Look at all the songs on the Unwanted Illusions album, Bring It Back Home, Sentimental Movie, Just Another Sunday. They are all total crap and had they actually been on the albums, the band would have been mocked for them. The only b-side they released was Shadow of your Love on the Live and Let Die single. Other than that, it was all album tracks, so sure, Crash Diet seems cool because it was "new" Guns N' Roses,, but it really is shit.
  7. The record never showed up. But best Buy never let me in, so it might still be in the stock room. I guess we're still stuck in round two.
  8. Guys, I'm still in line at Best Buy. I thought there were other people in line for the new album. The couple in front of me where waiting for a 55" LED TV. I thought it was the name of the new album, but it turns out it was just a 55" LED TV, and they are only here for Black Friday. It's 10:16. I have a bad feeling the album isn't coming out. Fernando lied to us.
  9. Still standing in line at Best Buy. No new album on the shelf yet. I hope it gets a retro cassette release too!
  10. Oh, I have seven bootlegs of that, listened to it to death. Hoping for something we haven't heard before. Supposedly Axl's accordion era is his White Album. Rumor is there are six albums worth of songs. But the thought of an artist having that much unheard music is absurd.
  11. Don't Cry (alternate, alternate lyrics) will be my fav. Or the 2020 version of TWAT (alternate cowbell)
  12. Round three begins in less than twelve hours! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I haven't been this excited since round two.
  13. So is this new album dropping on the 24th or 25th? I don't want to get in line too soon. In 2008 I did the midnight release at Best Buy and I was the only one there. I felt like a twat. I know it's likely a digital release, but I feel like I should line up somewhere to show my support. Circle K, maybe? The bank? Maybe I should get ice cream, so at least that way I still get ice cream. 31 flavors, 31 excuses why it's been 12 years since that sad night I lined up on my own to buy CD on CD.
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