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  1. Good to see people reading the announcements on the page.
  2. I've been a part of this group since about 1998 and this feels different. Chinese was this perpetual carrot dangling in front of us, but I think we'll start to see more music coming now. I don't think silence is going to be the norm moving forward. I've been as critical of the band as anyone over the years, but this really feels different. I hope the band proves me right this time. God knows I've waited long enough for this to feel like a productive and again.
  3. Jesus Christ, $20 plus shipping for a 7". The last time I bought a Gnr 7" was November Rain and it was £1.99. Holy fuck. I just pulled a "back in my day". I'm going to go sit in the corner and cry.
  4. My excitement they played a good new song. 10 Axl's performance. 4 He's Strongest with the lower vocals and should adjust to his strengths.
  5. I love it. I'd actually put it in my top ten favorite Gn'R songs
  6. This feels like GnR to me. Absurd did not. Feels like one of the three minute quick rock songs from Illusions. Not epic or classic, but as decent quality filler track. Like Right Next Door, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden etc...
  7. Nice! I should have waited, but here we are It does sound really good through the home system though. Can't wait to buy it officially on vinyl.
  8. Converted it from YouTube to MP3 so I can listen in the car. Guess I'm still a downloading mother fucker...
  9. Because Absurd is crap. It was crap when it was Silkworms. The music on it isn't actually bad, it's the lyrics that kill it. They are infantile. Hardskool feels so much more like GnR.
  10. Changed my VPN from US to New Zealand I REALLY like this. This feels so much more like GnR than Absurd. This will easily get radio play.
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