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September 17th 2006 Review


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Night two of my birthday weekend, in the city that never sleeps (I can confirm that, I only got 3 hours of sleep in two days!). Sunday crowd was a lot rougher than Saturdays, but still, it was a fucking amazing show.

Hoobastank tore it up! At the beginning they were getting booed and stuff, but after they played a 1 minute version of ‘Civil War’ and ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, everyone showed their love. Great renditions of both, was hoping they would play the full song! They ended around 9:45PM, and the wait began!

Found out from a roadie, sound tech guy that Hoobastank was supposed to actually play for 20 or 30 more minutes, but didn’t do that. The intro and lights finally came down around 11:15PM, an hour and a half wait. The intro played all over the speakers, and about 2 minutes after that, Robin kicked in ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

This night was truly magical, they didn’t play ‘Rocket Queen’ like Saturday but they made up for it with ‘Used to Love Her’. Everyone sang it in unison and had a tremendous time! During Better, IRS, and the other new songs people around me didn’t know a lot of the words, but they loved them.

Axl was in a great mood all night, and that’s good to see. The whole band was in a great mood! Robin jumped off the stage twice to come play between the stage and the barricade, the one time he came and put his head right on my shoulder, as I was one person back from the barricade. I told him I loved him and he laughed and said thanks.

Rolling Stone was there interviewing people and taking pictures before hand, and my two friends (one from UK and one from Ukraine) both got interviewed and were told to look in the next Rolling Stone to see if they made it.

The band tonight was truly amazing. Axl’s voice was top notch tonight and he nailed every note that he wanted to hit, right on cue. Robin and Richard brought the house down with ‘Beautiful’ as well as Ron with ‘Don’t Cry’. Richard and Tommy were jumping around having an amazing time. Pittman was on the side of the stage watching the ‘Don’t’ Cry’ solo and was clapping and gave Ron a hug afterwards. When Chris plays, he gets really angry. Either that or something was wrong, because he looked extremely angry.

Overall it was a great show, just as good as the previous nights show. The encore could use two more songs or so, but it was a great show even without the long encore. I really recommend you to get out and see these guys on tour this fall. It is an amazing experience and you will love it.

pictures are avaiable at HTGTH in the GNR On Tour board, under 9-17 thread, page 3.

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About what time did the show end? Just wanna know whether I should plan on skipping school after I go see them (if they come around here). Cuz there's a slight possibility that the shows might end around the same time each night

G-n-R came on stage at 11:15 and were done at 1:30am.---Great Show!!!

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