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Captain Beefheart


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I recently got the Beefheart album Bluejeans and Moonbeams and it's such amazing trippy experimental rock. The kind you can sit in your room and dream to, walk down the road when it's dark thinking to, or listen with your friends drinking to.

"Same Old Blues", "Twist Ah Luck" and "Captain's Holiday" (almost reggaeish) are my faves so far.

Don Van Vliet has such a deep voice, reminds me of Wayne Kramer's voice from the MC5.

Anyone else like the Magic Band?

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Thanks a lot for that Ramm. Since I'm quite new to Beefheart I had no idea of any reunion business, but hopefully I could investigate that some day if it happened again...I wonder if it's quite rare for a reunion band to produce good new songs? Usually they just seem to have a nostalgic run-through of old favourites.

I'm quite surprised by how short most of the songs on Bluejeans and Moonbeams are with most under 4 minutes, especially for an experimental band. But then I read that Moonbeams was one of Beefheart's more mainstream rock albums. I'd like to get Safe as Milk though, that song Autumn's Child has such an interesting slightly western-sounding bit in the background at 57 seconds...I can't find which album White Jam is from, but it's beautiful night music and the way he breaks his voice makes such a sad sound. It would be good to find more music like this really. :)

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On the basis of what Ramm said, I've just ordered Safe as Milk and Mirror Man. :) It seems like, for an album that is meant to be their creative apex, Trout Mask Replica is not so very popular...I suppose some experimental/progressive albums that are critically acclaimed can lack the appeal found with more simple songs...

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