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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
Encore was subpar, but not as terrible as some people here say.

His singing is just inexcusable. On some prior hits, when he didn't stretch for notes too much, it was alright.

Eminem was great, but it seems to me that Ludacris has been doing pretty much the same thing for a long time and doesn't get much recognition. The man is hilarious.

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Yep he is a genious.. rock3

I'm not into rap much too much,but i must say that i like his music and the way he writes his lyrics.

The Marshall Mathers LP is absolutely perfect from the first song until the last one.

He's the only raper that his music doesn't bored me. B) And plus he's sexy. :lol:

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he's amazing, really really REALLY just incredible and for everyone who actually knows anything at all about hip hop, i beg u, i will curl up around from under my legs and eat my own ass with a pitchfork if u can find a motherfucker with a flow like that, im talkin' syllables per bar flat out rhyme scheme. with the possible exception of biggie smalls n kane who seem to have a better sense of rhythm but for all u guys callin him overrated, i fuckin dare u to find me a better rhymer.

n outta interest, whats everyone got again encore? Parody of himself? whys that a bad thing, it seems to me like an extremely aware parody of himself, like he's makin fun of his image n that takes a lotta balls. seriously, whats wrong with Encore, Ass Like That is like....one of the funniest songs i heard in ages, i think its hilairious

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I like Eminem, yeah. But it's true that he is overrated, mostly because he's white.

The man has skills tho, The Marshall Mathers album is superb, one of the best albums I've ever heard. The only problem with him is that he cant move on. Seems like every other song from him is about his shit childhood, he should get a therapist or something.

Fav. song? Lose Yourself.

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I use to like him when I was in elementary school, now everytime I hear eminem or any hip hop for that matter it just sounds cheesy and stupid.

But I respect him

Hes from the same neighborhood as me, a lot of people in Detroit look up to him and overall I think its cool to see somebody like him rise out of that hell hole. It gives hope to up and comming artists in Detroit, unlike Kid Rock who just says hes been through all of that shit in D town and acts like an asshole.

But Alice Cooper is the best musician to come out of Detroit B)

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