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Guns To Start At 10 PM


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Call me crazy, but most venues have 11PM cerfues. Wonder how they are going to pull off these sdhows if they start at 10PM. The source for this start time is the email sent out from htgth, which was forwarded from gunrnroses.com.

11PM curfews? Where the hell do you live, Amish country??

Nearly every major concert goes past 11PM.

What Axl needs to stop doing, is not even taking the damn stage until 11PM.

I'm sorry, but that's funny...

Anyways, I agree, I don't know any place that'll cut the show off at 11PM.. Certainly didn't in Boston in 2002 when I went.. If so, I might not have even SEEN Axl!!

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in xchicago there is a 10:30 noise cerfew

so everything load has to be done by 10:30

but im shure they can get a proper permit done to extend that time

It is called paying a fine. They do not usually shut down shows even after curfew, however they fine the band and charge them for the added civil servants, ie Police, Fire, EMT, etc.

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For outdoor concerts yes there are noise restrictions. However often the cities themselves will not fine the bands, promoter because having large conserts means tons of tax money for the City.

For example the Rolling Stones are playing in my city this weekend and every single hotel is sold out to the max and beyond the bars will be jammed full all weekend, the restraunts will be filled to over flowing.

I am not saying that the band will not be fined but most cities probably turn a blind eye to it.

Also the 11pm rule only applies to outdoor events not indoor venues

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The tweeter center in Camden MA, has a 11:00 curfew because it is outside. For every minute the band goes over, they have to pay $0.05 per person in the audience per minute. Imagine what Axl would have to pay to START at 11:00? It would be a mess, for that show alone he would lose around $100,000.

Thankfully it's winter time in the US so he is playing indoor arenas, which have a late curfew.

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I dont even plan on getting to the Arena until around 10.

I know the drill, He'll probably be on around 10:30, 10:45

Yeah, you know the drill. Remember, that doesn't work for everyone - only Axl. You almost blew it with VR. ;)

yea I know...

SOMEONE....... went into the show without me.

Left me on the sidewalk with no ticket....

Now who would do that to another gunner?

I had to use my charm to get into a sold out show.

Thats why it took me so long :shades:

You were late and they were starting early and I still had to get my ass all the way up front in a sold out show!

Your charm....nice. It's a wonder you did get in. ;)


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