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Statement of Papa Roach


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According to the following press release issued today by rock band Papa Roach, the band's new single, "....To Be Loved" will soon be utilized as a new weekly theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship TV series, Monday Night Raw. The complete release reads:

Papa Roach '... To Be Loved' by Guns N' Roses & Wrestling Fans?

Band to Join GNR for Upcoming Tour Dates

Current Single Becomes the New Theme for WWE Raw

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The members of Papa Roach are finding their band loved by the masses these days. The 10X Platinum selling rockers will join up with Guns N' Roses as a special opening act for the band's first eight shows this month.

"Papa Roach and Axl Rose, perfect together," remarked lead singer Jacoby Shaddix. "I know GNR fans rock, so these shows are going to be explosive."

Papa Roach's new album "The Paramour Sessions" is the band's fourth consecutive album to debut Top 20 on the Billboard album chart. And now, the first single from the album: "... To Be Loved" will be used as the opening theme every week on WWE Raw.

"We're stoked that the WWE liked this track enough to use it every week," remarked drummer Dave Bucker. "WWE fans are passionate and I think our song is going to fit perfectly with them."

Since the release of their major label debut album back in 2000, Papa Roach have released three albums: "Infest," "lovehatetragedy," and "Getting Away with Murder" selling over 10 million copies of those titles combined. The band has now scored nine consecutive hit singles on the charts and six

Top 10's including "Broken Home," "She Loves Me Not," "Last Resort," "Getting Away with Murder," "Scars," and now " ... To Be Loved." With the high debuts of all four of the band's albums, Papa Roach are firmly establishing themselves as one of the undeniable success stories of the last decade.

Following the conclusion of the band's tour with Guns N' Roses, Papa Roach will headline this year's Zippo Hot Tour. Dates for the Zippo Hot Tour will be announced shortly.


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the coolest thing about gnr gigs these days is how CRAP the opening acts are. n thats good in the sense that these people r the mainstream good sales cream of the crop of late, they're basically the best that can be slung together, n they're still crap. makes guns n roses look a league above the rest.

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In the past Faith no More,Soundgarden,Suicidal Tendencies and Blind Mellon supported GNR(1992/1993) and today Papa Roach and Bullet for my Valentine..I think that GNR are on the right way.

Agree with FinckFortus

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