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No Atlanta date yet????!!!!


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I was thinking of going up to North Carolina for it, but I have classes the next day. I don't want another cancellation like the last time I bought GNR tickets either. But the good news is that their hasn't been any cancellations for the U.S tour thus far; maybe Axl learned his lesson from the 02 fiasco. I've heard a lot of people say that after 02 no one would ever give Axl another chance and promoters stay away because he's so unpredictable and hard to work with.

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It always sucks when a band misses one's home turf,but hang tight...this is just the first leg of the tour.

And as the Rolling Stone article said...there's going also going to be a Summer tour!

Expect bigger and better things to come!


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Check Gnrontour.com, sometime during the 1987 tour with Motley Crue, Axl did something like hit a cop/security guard and was thrown in jail. Then I think Guns left, and he was under the impression that if he returned, he would be a sitting duck for the police. I may be off on some of the details, but the fact that they have not played there since then makes you wonder.

Here's the writeup actually:

11.22.87 - The Omni, Atlanta, GA

opening for: Mötley Crüe

set: Communication Breakdown, Honky Tonk Women, Blues Jam

audio/video recording?: no

notes: The second show in Atlanta, a few days after the first. At this show, Axl jumps into the crowd to grab a security guard who shoved Axl's friend. The police held Axl backstage while the rest of the band played 'Communication Breakdown,' 'Honky Tonk Women' and a 'Blues Jam,' all with roadie Ronnie Schneider singing.

This is straight from gnrontour.com.

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I live in Atlanta too and am disappointed that they haven't set a date here. I've had to travel to go to the 4 shows I've seen this year when I would rather go down to Philips Arena or the Gwinnett Center to check them out. The trips are half of the fun though. I asked Ron Thal and Beta about this. Both were like "we're not sure why they didn't add an Atlanta show.... the promoter picks the cities". Let's hope for this Summer at Hi Fi Buys. The parking lot should be a good time for that. In the meantime, I'll see you all at the Appetite For Destruction shows at East Andrews or the Peachtree Tavern.

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