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Internet Explorer 7 Out Now!


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is there anyway to remove the google bar things next to the address bar?

that the only reason i kept IE6, stupid reason but it really annoys me and seems pointless since i have google as my homepage ;)

:ph34r: Seriously?

Okay, right-click anywhere above the adress bar. Select customize. Drag and drop that google search bar into the window that pops up. Problem solved. Simple, huh?

"I will use what I think it's the best and I don't need other people to tell me what should I do and what should I not do."

Ah, ignorance. But you're right. I've never tried IE7 because it has "certain requirements" in order to install it and Opera, well I might actually give it a go just so I can see why I made the right decision in choosing Firefox. I don't think it has that level of customability that Firefox offers but it wouldn't hurt to try.

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