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Well i missed the openers so i can't comment on that. Axl and Camp went on around 11:30 and of course opened wih jungle. I am not one to remember set list so i might be a bad persson to write this but anyway, after jungle they played 3 or 4 old schools back to back and that sounded strong. Then the 1 out of 4 solos began which took us into the "blues jam." Before each solo they seem to do a small jam while the camp exited the stage. Over all i would rate the show a 7 out of 10. Too many solos and a strange order of songs. They played Chineese, IRS, Blues, Better of there new stuff which was way cool but seems strage to everyone around ya when ur the only guy who nows the lyrics and they have been playin these songs for around 4 years. Made me kinda sad that Brian was not the drummer but this other guy has skills just no style like steven, matt, or brain. The show ended with perfect crime around 1:30, so if you subtract those damn guitar and dizzy piano solos they really only played for a little less than 1.5 hours, which is better than not played OF COURSE. Oh ya just kidding they ended with paradise city. To top it off I did not get thrown out......................still three more Florida shows for that to happen though well see

Axl said Miami was killing him and that he and Tommy agree they felt like ass all night cuase they had not slept......

and for camp Axl-----your stage is way out of proportion, to many people in a huge space and a tiny stage.

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