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California Dreaming

Johnny gnr

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I love that song!

I don't know why but I've never bothered to check another song of this band though... <_<

I'm not sure if this song is the one to express this era. I'd say that when I think of Woodstock mostly some Janis Joplin songs cross my mind.

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It's definitely a song that really evokes that era in my mind...but I'd also say San Francisco by Scott McKenzie does that too. :)

Oh and Tim Hardin "If I Were A Carpenter" is a lovely song.

And of course Jimi Hendrix. :)

California Dreamin,Jimi and Jefferson Airplane,make you think of that era :)

(There are Other bands/artists as well)

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Yeah great song indeed.

It would be awesome to cover it ina slightly more rocking blues context, if only i had a decent band together lol.

i think the buzzcocks could do it, howard devoto on lead with pete shelley backing!! or even Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

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