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sting and the police

Guest katie

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i mean wow, i really really love them

be it from classics such as fields of gold....to russians (lyrically a little cringeworthy i admit, but still good) and then don't stand so close to me

and now 16th century lute (sp) songs! the man is brilliant

what d'ye all think of him? i should like to know as my friends hate him

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I love them too. I wanted to see Sting this summer live in Athens but I found the ticket too expensive (65 euros) comparing to 45euros I paid for GnR and I decided not to go. Many others thought the same and that's why only about 3000 people went to Sting's concert while GnR had more than 15000 fans at their show.

I just hate it when musicians decide to visit particular countries only at the end of their career and also try to get advantage of this by setting the tickets to such high prices. :(

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Walking On the Moon is a lovely, gentle song. And Roxanne is exciting when it speeds up. ^_^

Sting is great. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic...Don't Stand So Close to Me...:) I like those a lot.

He has such a distinctive voice.

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I only have Synchronicity, Side 2 is brilliant.

It's a great album. Look into the live album though-you will be pleasantly surprised by how much they stretch out improv-wise and how good they are at it.

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