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An MSG live clip


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comments on Youtube thread:

"This is sad. 44 year old cornrows with a bunch of nobodies dueting with another washup from the same era who is equally unable to keep a stable band. And ginger wig is singing a song about a decadent teenage girl :) hhaahah. What a joke. I can't believe people take WAXl seriously anymore. "

You think this is Kaneda?? lol

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Guest Edward Rose

Why did he post the full Nightrain then take it down?

If you notice, it's mostly just "Pro-shot" full videos that get to stay up. The full length boot leg videos get removed pretty quickly. The smaller clips never get deleted.

But if you think about it, the record and t.v. companies are still being pretty cool. They can remove ANYTHING they want in one keystroke. But we still get to see full Dave Chapelle segments and see clips like Axl and Sebastian at MSG, which is all good for promotion anyway.

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