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Quick review from the concert


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So.. I'll do this really quickly.. as tired as hell.

Had 3 hours of sleep last night and just drove 7 hours.. and I'm leaving early tomorow morning for the Ottawa show!

It was a great night! Me and my wife were meeting Eric in Toronto. We spent a few hours drinking before the show, we didn't really wanted to see the opening bands.

I don't think I have to go thru the setlist again, just a few points that I'd like to bring up.

First, the crowd was awsome last night!! There was so much energy in that place!!

Security was almost non existant! I was suprise actually how easy it was to walk in the place.

Axl was in a good mood, didn't talk a lot tho!

For those who dishes the solos, I was really surprise last night, people seem to enjoyed it.

Dizzy piano solo was amazing, him and BF had the biggest ovation after their solo.

I had the pleasure to meet gunsguy and his wife before the show. Really nice guy.

So here's 2 pictures (sorry shitty quality) of me my wife, Eric and Gunsguy and a random guy named Dan that we met before the show.


Eric (Admin), Dan, Me, My wife


Dan, Eric (Admin), Me, Gunsguy

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HOLLY SHIT GUNS GUY I WAS THREE ROWS BEHIND U DUDE i was the dude in the wheel chair wearing the new 06 Tour shirt I heard u say u were from the forum but i didnt know it was this one u were talking about this one thats so cool.

Shit dude!!! I remember you!! Actually I ran right into you, I never saw you, I was feeling bad about it!

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