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Writing On The Wall

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Just wanted to get some feedback on this. Adnan, you've recieved these lyrics via PM already. Basically, I started out writing a song about the wall that the US is to initiate building between the US and Mexico, but it quickly turned into a song about a very different wall (actually multiple walls: the wall being built by Israel around the West Bank, as well as the walls of hatred being built up on both sides of the conflict).

Jets scream over their homeland

On our land katyushas/the rockets (haven't decided which to use yet) fall

And diplomats turn to stuck-up prats

And now they're gonna build a wall

The streets run red with blood tonight

Both sides calling 'Kill em All!'

Their war brigades throw big parades

On their own sides of the wall

Now the ol' General's in a coma

His plans turned to nothing at all

His government was heaven-sent

But now it's gonna build up a wall

The high courts call it unjust and wrong

But we say "It don't mean nothing at all

It's no offence, it's just a fence!"

And they'll keep on building the wall

A child cries out in an ambulance

As the traffic to the checkpoint crawls

Lost in the frey, the child passes away

Caught on one side of the wall

The olive farmer's riding his tractor

When sniper fire falls

An innocent gunned down for tryin' to work the ground

On our side of the wall

We accuse them of preaching hatred

While we don't teach nothin' else at all

We say that we teach equality

Even though we can build this wall

"The Imam's are out to destroy us!

But we shall prevail once and for all!"

As our Rabbis in cheap disguise

Continue to build up the wall

And when all the dust has settled

All will hear the Peace Train call

For none can penetrate a fence of hate

And the writing's on the wall.

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